How to prevent your mattress from being infested by bed bugs

Bedbugs are a scary and disgusting sight in any home. These parasites feed on human blood while you sleep and, therefore, have a fondness for your bed. When they enter your home, bed bugs tend to accumulate in or near your mattress. This is because they can hide easily in the seams of your mattress after feeding on your blood.

To prevent bed bugs from turning your beloved mattress into a nightmare, here are some useful tips for keeping them out.

Purchase a mattress cover

The most effective solution to bed bugs in your mattress is purchasing a mattress cover. A cover keeps invading bugs out, and the ones inside are trapped where they are. Make sure your mattress cover completely covers the top and bottom (such as those covers that use zippers).

A tough material such as cotton also ensures that the bugs don't tear through and crawl in/out freely. It's a good idea to have the rooms in your home treated before you install a mattress cover. This will ensure that any bed bugs and their eggs that lurk around the room are killed off.

Keep it away from corners

Bed bugs also hide in the corners of your room, especially along the floor skirting. If your skirting has tiny holes, bed bugs can use these holes as their homes and breeding grounds. Corners and carpeted floors make it harder for you to completely eliminate an infestation because the bugs can hide deep inside cracks and crevices. A useful tip is to keep your mattress near the centre of your room rather than against the corners. A pest control service can also target hidden corners to flush out bed bugs and kill their eggs.

Avoid clutter

Clutter on your mattress is also a recipe for bed bug infestations. If you've had a history of bed bug trouble, eggs may be lurking inside your clothes, beddings and other items. Therefore, piling stuff on top of the mattress makes it easier for bed bugs to crawl from your clothes and into the seams. Avoid cluttering your bed to minimise this issue.

Check your bedframe

A mattress cover won't be of much use if the bedframe itself is infested. Bed bugs can simply crawl from your bedframe onto the mattress, suck on your blood and crawl back. This is why your bedframe should be thoroughly treated for bedbugs and their eggs.

After treatment by a pest control service, adding a mattress cover will prevent new bugs from hiding in the seams and tiny spaces of your mattress.

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