Tips for Spotting Termites In Your Home

If you have termites on your property, then you may not always be able to spot them visually. A pest inspection carried out by a professional will often be beneficial if you are unsure whether or not you have them. Of course, some of the big structures that certain species of termites make are an obvious sign that termites are around. However, not all termite species in Australia make such mounds for their colonies. Some are much more difficult to spot, even when they are living close to you. What signs should you be looking out for so that you know when a professional pest inspection may be an appropriate course of action to take?

Check Your Timber for Hollow Sounds

To begin with, many drywood termites will burrow into the timbers of your home without you even noticing. Therefore, a good tip for spotting their presence is to knock on any exposed woodwork you have around your home. If it sounds solid, then it is likely that there are no termites present inside. Termites consume the fibres of your timbers from the inside, so a hollow sound will indicate that they are — or have been — present.

Keep an Eye Open for Small Holes

Another good tip that a professional pest inspection service will usually include is to look for holes in your woodwork. If it seems as though somebody has been playing darts in your weatherboarding or floorboards, for example, then it may be that you are, in fact, identifying the entry points of certain termite species. In such cases, professional pest control measures may be required to help you get rid of the infestation. As an alternative, you can help to prevent termites from getting into your wood in the first place by regularly painting or varnishing exposed surfaces.

Listen for the Presence of Termites

Some people will never see termites in their home, but they will be able to detect their presence by listening carefully. If you want to establish whether termites are inside your home or not, then enter an empty room silently. If you are able to hear a faint clicking noise which stops as soon as you turn the light on or make a sound, then it is probable that you have termites in the walls or under the floors. As such, you will need to take appropriate countermeasures to get rid of them.

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