The Electrifying Truth About Mice and Wires: Why Mice Damage Electrical Wiring

Has a family of mice taken up residence in your home? Are you worried that they might damage the electrical wiring in your house? Then it's time that you took steps to eradicate them as soon as possible. Mice take up residence with people when they inadvertently supply the invading mice with everything they need to survive, such as food, water and plenty of nesting materials like cardboard.

And although mice may be tiny, if they get their jaws around your home's electrical wiring, they can do some serious damage. But why do they do it?

Mice Need to Chew Constantly

Did you know that mouse teeth never stop growing? Unlike humans, who have two sets of teeth in a lifetime, mice have just one set that continues to grow throughout their lives. It is for this reason that you may have found multiple chewed objects throughout your home. If a mouse stops gnawing on things, its teeth will continue to grow until they grow too big for its mouth.

As a result, mice need to chew on tough materials like wood and electrical wiring to keep their teeth from getting too long. Unfortunately, this means that your wiring isn't safe until you have removed the mice.

Damaged Electrical Wiring Can Be Deadly

If your mice colony lives in or near your kitchen, your appliances are in danger. This is because mice can damage a wire so severely that it causes a short or power surge that might render your appliances unusable. Mice could also end up damaging important wires, which could then bring down your entire electrical network.

However, the most serious risk involves fire. Electrical wires are insulated to ensure that they don't overheat. But if a mouse chews through that insulation and exposes the copper and aluminium wiring underneath, that wire may then cause a wire. This is because the hot metal might encounter a combustible material in your home, such as a wooden beam or carpet.

Although it isn't common for damaged wires to start a fire, it is still a real possibility that you should consider when deciding how to deal with your mouse problem.

Hire a Professional Pest Management Service

If you are struggling to eradicate your mouse problem on your own, then consider hiring a pest control service to assist you. If you find a service with a wealth of experience, they can eradicate your mouse problem and advise you on how best to keep mice and other rodents out of your home.

Contact a pest management service today to learn more.

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