4 Important Reasons to Arrange Regular Termite Inspections for Your Home

Did you know that termites can sense the presence of rotting wood when it is in contact with the soil? That's one of the ways that termites locate food sources. All it takes it for a leaky gutter to soak a wooden piece of garden furniture and termites could be on your doorstep. That's why you must do your best to keep termites at bay.

Termite inspections are essential to keeping your home termite-free too. Here are just some of the reasons why regular termite inspections are important.

1. Identify Nearby Termite Threats

Termites will travel to find and infest wood. And once they do find a tasty piece of wood that has moisture and darkness in the vicinity, termites are very difficult to dissuade. Although your home might be termite free now, if a foraging termite finds even a tiny crack in your home's defences, it will summon its friends. A termite inspection can help you to identify nearby termite threats. You'll then be able to decide if you want to remove them or install protection around your home.

2. Stop Existing Infestations Early

Termites can cause a lot of damage to a home if given time. But if you have an inspection once every 6 months, you'll be depriving termites of the time they need to infiltrate deeper into your home.

3. Save a lot of Money on Repairs

Once termites enter a house, they can do a huge amount of damage. But, as mentioned earlier, they need time to do so. Regular inspections will prevent termites from seriously damaging your home. If termites invade your flooring, walls or window frames, they could cost you thousands of dollars in repair. But with regular inspections, you can identify termites in or around your home before they do enough damage to warrant repairs or replacement. This will save you a lot of money.

4. Avoid Potential Injury

Termites can also cause so much damage to a structure, floor or wall that a building can become unsafe. If, for instance, termites damage wooden flooring in your house, you or someone else in your household could get injured while walking over the floor. But with regular inspections, serious damage won't occur.

When was the last time you had a termite inspection carried out in and around your home? To ensure that your home doesn't fall foul of termites, arrange termite inspections at least twice a year.

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