What Are Effective Termite Treatments For Your Home?

If you have neighbours who have had problems with termite infestations in the recent past, then it is time to start taking adequate countermeasures before they become a problem on your property, too. Once a colony has established itself, you will probably need to rely on professional assistance to get rid of these creatures. Although some professional termite treatment methods should only be conducted by pest control experts, there are several measures you can take for yourself. What are they?

Remove Water

Termites need water to survive. Not only do they consume it, as most creatures do, but they need a relatively high level of humidity to thrive in their nests. Termite colonies often gain water from the soil around them but they will need access to water if the ground is dry. Therefore, it is a good idea to cover over drains or culverts and to divert any streams that might be near to your home. Drain or cover your water butt so that this does not become a source of water for the termites, either.

Paint Woodwork

One of the best preventative termite treatment methods around is to simply keep your home's timbers in good condition. Drywood termites will tend to bore into older wood which has begun to mature significantly. Your support beams, weatherboarding and your floorboards should all be either varnished or painted to discourage termites from making their homes inside them. If you have a shed or another sort of wooden outbuilding, then apply a wood preservative since this makes it less likely that they will end up becoming a source of food and shelter for the insects, too.

Apply Pesticides

If you want to reduce the numbers of termites in a colony, then the best thing to do is to use pesticides. These days, there are termiticides available that specifically work as termite treatments while being kinder to other wildlife than general pesticides. Many come in a spray form that you dilute with water and then apply around the perimeter of your home. Form a shallow trench and spray the termiticide into it before covering it over once more. This approach will mean that termites crossing the invisible boundary will become sick and die. Alternatively, you can use powdered termiticides at potential entry points into your home for a more targetted approach to termites control. Remember to use a face mask and gloves when handling pesticides.

For more information about termite treatment, contact a local pest control service today.

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