Is Your House Infested With Termites? 3 Early Signs to Watch Out For

Termites are among the worst pests that you can have in your home. A termite infestation is often covert. If you are not a keen observer of everything happening in the basement and other dark corners of the home, they will cause a lot of destruction before you notice. Having a colony of termites residing in your home is a recipe for total structural damage because they often eat from the inside out. By the time many homeowners understand what is happening inside their home, the pillars under the house will have been hollowed out.

The only way to avoid structural damage and costly repairs is by watching out for these three signs of termite damage in the home. 

Translucent Insect Wings in Your Home

Termites have whitish translucent wings. They usually start their lifecycle as winged insects. After mating, they land and shed their wings. Mostly, you will find a heap of wings in certain parts of the home when it is their mating season. This should be your first cue to call an exterminator. After the mating, they multiply, which will mean massive damage to your property. 

Call in an experienced termite control expert as soon as you notice clusters of wings on your property. They will help you stop the damage before it goes too far.

Termite Swarmers in the Compound

Swarmers are a rare occurrence, and you will only see them once or twice a year. The swarmers are adult termites that leave a colony to go and make their own. When you see a swarmer near your home, it means that you have a colony close. Most probably, the colony is under your house and can access your home.

Call an exterminator to inspect the spaces beneath the house for termite presence. They will know how to eliminate the entire colony and its nest, solving the problem completely.

Odd Noises Inside Your Walls

The sound of termites munching the insides of your wooden pillars is unmistakable. It sounds like the dull patter of the rain. If the termites are disturbed, the soldier termites bang their heads against the walls, producing a rippling clapping sound. 

If you have observed these noises severally inside your home, consider hiring a competent termite exterminator.

The best way to handle termites is by exterminating them as soon as you learn of their presence. Timely elimination will save you thousands of dollars and preserve your property's value. It is advisable to hire termite control services once you see the above signs.  

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