3 Things That Professionals Check During Termite Inspection

A termite invasion can cause extensive structural damage to property. As the pests make their way up from the ground, they may crack the foundation, compromising the entire support structure. Furthermore, termites are well known for feeding on internal wooden structures, such as wall studs, posts, and beams. If you are dealing with a hungry colony, it might also feed on your insulation, metal sidings, and plaster. 

To avoid all that, you should inspect your property regularly for signs of termites. With timely termite control, you can prevent the problem from escalating into a full-blown infestation. Here are the three main things to check during a termite inspection.

1. Internal Damage on Wood

One of the primary signs that termites have taken residence in your property is wood damage. That is because wood is their primary source of food. Most times, they eat the wood from inside out, making it hard to detect damage outwardly. That is the reason why you need to engage the services of a licensed termite control and inspection specialist. They have adequate experience to identify hollow wood, indicating the presence of a termite invasion. 

2. Wooden Structures in Your Yard 

Generally, termites get attracted by anything wooden. For that reason, there is a high chance of having these unwanted pests if you have wooden structures in your home. Therefore, when inspecting your property for termite infestation, you must pay attention to wooden features. Check for signs of termite infestation on untreated wood fences and underneath firewood heaps. Fallen trees may also provide excellent habitat for the pests. If you detect termite life anywhere in the property, you should contact a termite control and inspection service right away. 

3. Mud Tubes on Structures Around the Home

In severe infestation, the termites will begin to create mud tubes on the attic, water pipes, and the foundation. You can also find them on other points where wood is touching the ground, such as a wooden fence basement. Termites use these tubes to traverse the property without getting dehydrated by the sun's heat. To determine if there is an active termite infestation, you should remove mud from the two ends of a tube. If the ends get sealed back after some time, you need to immediately hire a termite control specialist. 

If untreated, termites can destroy your sentimental and expensive home within a short span of time. Therefore, you need to hire termite control experts regularly for a thorough inspection of termite invasion. 

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